About Us

The Wood Pellet Association of Canada is the voice of Canada’s growing, innovative wood pellet sector.

Today we represent more than 50 producer and affiliate members, with facilities across Canada that employ more than 1,500 Canadians. Over the past decade, our sector has become one of the largest pellet producers in the world, exporting 3.6 million tonnes of sustainable wood pellets to Europe and Asia. We help global customers switch from fossil fuels to clean, responsible and renewable energy.

Wood pellets are the gateway to the future of innovation in the bioenergy sector. While wood pellets are well known for providing low-carbon heat and electricity, most experts also agree that pellets are the critical starting point for bio-refineries producing second generation liquid biofuels and advanced renewable bio-materials.

Our key priorities include:

Supporting research and development of new, innovative wood-based bioenergy products, such as liquid biofuels and renewable natural gas
Expanding existing and growing new markets for wood pellets
Developing domestic policies and programs that advance carbon objectives by replacing fossil fuels and carbon intensive energy sources with bioenergy from pellets
Removing policy and administrative barriers to the utilization of forest harvest residuals now left as waste

Pellet Facilities in Canada

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