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The Voice of Canada’s growing pellet sector


  • 21 Mar 2018 : International Day of Forests

  • 05 Apr 2018 : Atlantic Heavy Equipment Show

    A pillar of the industry, the Atlantic Heavy Equipment Show boasts a vast indoor and outdoor showcase of the latest products, services and BIG iron. See all the leading brands displayed under one roof to compare and contrast before you[…]

  • 11 Apr 2018 : Wood Bioenergy Conference & Expo

    Hosted by Wood Bioenergy magazine every other year, this will be the fifth Wood Bioenergy Conference & Expo. It will feature 80 exhibitor sponsors and 40 speaker presentations covering a range of subjects and technologies involving industrial wood pellets, wood biomass power,[…]

  • 12 Apr 2018 : Biomass Pellet Boiler Heating Forum

    Initiated by QZ Events, the 6th China International Bioenergy and Biomass Utilization Summit· Biomass Pellet Boiler Heating Forum will be held on Apr. 12th-13th , 2018 in Shanghai. The theme of BBS 2018 is "The Future Road of Biomass Pellet[…]

  • 16 Apr 2018 : International Biomass Conference & Expo

    The 11th annual International Biomass Conference & Expo will take place April 16-18, 2018, at the Cobb Galleria Centre in Atlanta, GA. This dynamic event unites industry professionals from all sectors of the world’s interconnected biomass utilization industries—biobased power, thermal[…]

  • 25 Apr 2018 : European Algae Industry Summit

    Following the success of our previous conference in Nice, the 8th European Algae Industry Summit (formerly "European Algae Biomass") will take place on 25th & 26th April 2018 in Vienna, Austria. The two day conference will bring together key players[…]

  • 03 May 2018 : 2018 Canadian Wood Recycling Bioeconomy Workshop & Expo

    As Canada’s leading wood waste recycling resource management business group, the Canadian Wood Waste Recycling Business Group is focused on bringing the elite, like-minded people, business and governments from around the world to build the Canadian wood recycling industry.The Canadian[…]

  • 23 May 2018 : Atlantic BIOCON 2018

    Explore Atlantic Canada's cutting edge biorefining technologies and get up-to-date with the latest developments in the region and abroad in bioenergy, biofuels, and biorefining in aquaculture, agriculture, marine and forestry. Meet the people driving the shift into the bioeconomy at[…]

  • 06 Jun 2018 : Canadian Bioeconomy Conference & Exhibition

    The International Bioenergy Conference and Exhibition has been reborn as the Canadian Bioeconomy Conference and Exhibition.The International Bioenergy Conference, held every two years in Prince George, British Columbia, was the largest and longest running event of its kind in Canada.[…]

  • 17 Sep 2018 : International Woodfiber Resource & Trade Conference

    Known by many long-term attendees as “The Woodchip Conference,” this unique conference is the only one that focuses on the international trade in woodchips and biomass, covering the entire supply chain from plantation forest through ocean transport and to overseas[…]

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Industry Links



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Become a Member


WPAC Safety Committee

The Board of Directors has appointed the Safety Committee to manage the safety objectives of the Wood Pellet Association of Canada ("WPAC"). The Safety Committee works in close cooperation with the BC Forest Safety Council.


Power Generation


Sustainable power

The vast majority of Canadian wood pellets are made from sawmill residuals - sawdust. The rest are made from the residuals from harvesting operations for sawmills and pulp mills, or low-grade timber from forest industry harvest sites that has no other economic value. Think firewood. Read more...

Breathing easier - pellet emissions vs coal

Sustainability should be top of mind for any company that wants to stay in the game in today’s world.

As important a role as Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions play, we also need to focus on noxious emissions versus coal.


Industry News


  • Ottawa announces Low Carbon Economy Challenge

    March 14, 2018 - Today, the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Catherine McKenna, launched the over-$500-million Low Carbon Economy Challenge, in Vancouver.The Low Carbon Economy Challenge will consider projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, under two streams: Champions: Valued at[…]

  • Focus on water tech for effective GHG reductions: report

    March 14, 2018 - Released today at GLOBE Forum 2018, WaterTAP’s newest report “Water: The next frontier on the path to a low carbon economy” asserts that clean water technology is vital to meeting GHG emissions targets.The report recommends a[…]


The Pellet Advantage

Efficient and Plentiful Production

Wood Pellet Association of Canada members are world leaders in the design and operation of modern pellet plants.


Innovating our way to a safer, better product

Wood pellets are a safe, reliable modern fuel. But they are still a fuel, requiring care in producing, shipping and storing.


Renewable and sustainable? Energy really can grow on trees.

There is no single energy source capable of solving our dependence on fossil fuels. Instead we need to look to a mix of new fuels, including wood pellets.


Argus Wood Pellet Index

US$ per metric tonneArgus Wood Pellet Index