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Clean Energy from Responsible Sources

by Wood Pellet Association of Canada
Global  customers  are  committed  to  sustainability throughout  their  supply  chains  and  ensuring  the legality  and  sustainability  of  their  biomass  supply  is critical to their business models. Canada’s wood pellet industry plays a large part in helping customers meet their commitments with a growing supply of pellets produced  entirely  from  the  residuals  of  sustainably managed forests. Canada’s forests are some of the most resilient and sustainably  managed  in  the  world.    They  are  subject to stringent environmental regulation, careful management  and  extensive  third-party  certification.  That’s  why  customers  requiring  sustainable biomass products have confidence in the Canadian wood pellet sector. Canadian  pellet  producers  typically  do  not  directly manage  forests.    Instead,  producers  buy  fibre  as  a direct by-product of the lumber industry, or through the  purposeful  extraction  of  dead,  diseased  or damaged or low-quality trees by independent logging contractors.  Canadian  pellet  producers  ensure  the sustainability  of  their  fibre  purchases  by  dealing exclusively  with  reputable  suppliers  and  knowing where the suppliers’ timber supplies comes from.