Powered by Pellets

Wood pellets are contributing to the fight against climate change, and opening doors to new and innovative bioenergy and biomass products that will be the future of energy production worldwide.


Today, energy producers globally are using wood pellets to displace fossil fuels and dramatically reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time, wood pellets are the gateway to innovation in bioenergy, providing a critical starting point for biorefining and the production of second generation liquid biofuels and advanced renewable bio-materials.


From home heating to industrial power generation, wood pellets offer solutions that  help save the planet and your budget.

  • Wood Pellets 101

    by Ellen Cools

    Wood Pellets 101 Wood pellets are a bioenergy product made from compressed wood fibre. To make wood pellets, manufacturers reduce the moisture content of wood fibre inputs, grind the fibre into dust, and then …

  • Export Markets

    by Ellen Cools

    Supplying the world with renewable, clean-burning bioenergy – Canadian wood pellets are displacing fossil fuels in key markets around the globe.

  • Heating Systems

    by Ellen Cools

    So you want to heat with pellets, but don’t yet have answers to your burning questions. Start with learning about wood pellet-fire home heating systems.

  • Cost vs Alternatives

    by Ellen Cools

    There’s no doubt that switching to wood pellets is an environmental win compared to fossil fuels. Did you know it may also cut your home heating bill, too?

  • Where to Buy

    by Ellen Cools

    No matter where you live in Canada, you’re likely to find a local pellet mill from which to obtain all your supplies. Sourcing from a local mill can significantly reduce your carbon footprint, too.

  • Quality Standards

    by Ellen Cools

    Rigorous standards and third-party verification provides assurance of reliably high-quality pellet products from Canadian producers.

  • Wood pellet myths

    by Ellen Cools

    Fact or Myth? We know there’s a lot of “fake news” out there – learn the facts about how wood pellets stack up against alternatives.

  • Pellet Map

    by Ellen Cools

    Where are Canada’s pellet mills? Canada is a world leader in wood pellet production, with over 40 mills making from 1,000 to over 400,000 tonnes per year. Not coincidentally you’ll find them scattered among …