Innovating our way to a safer, better product

Wood pellets are a safe, reliable modern fuel. But they are still a fuel, requiring care in production, shipping and storage. With its members and partners in safety, the Wood Pellet Association of Canada continuously strives to find better processes and make safer plants. WPAC has created a compendium of all safety initiatives and support materials to support our members in their safety actions. You can access the One-Stop Safety Resource here. Don’t forget to check out our newest Safety Video “Innovating our Way to a Safer, Better Product”  highlighting all of the great work of our members and leading safety experts here.


Safety Initiatives

WPAC Safety Committee

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2023 Workplan

Every day, WPAC members and their employees work tirelessly to ensure leading safety practices are implemented and embraced. We know we will be measured by our collective efforts as an industry. Our reputation and the trust of regulators, the general public and the families of our employees depend on this.
You can read our 2023 safety workplan here.

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