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Sustainability Commitment

by Ellen Cools

We are committed to combatting climate change by supplying the world with green energy from renewable, sustainable biomass.

We recognize that forest biomass sourced from responsible producers in well-regulated countries like Canada is sustainable and produces less greenhouse gasses when burned to produce energy than fossil fuels.

We are committed to working with forest companies who supply our fibre to improve their utilization and reduce their environmental impact. We set and  promote WPAC’s expectations about what sustainability means to our local communities and global customers, including the expectations that:

  • All forest biomass is harvested sustainably and legally in compliance with applicable local, national and international regulations and backed by strong compliance and enforcement regimes as well as third party certification;
  • The biomass is sourced from forests  where ecosystems and species at risk are identified and safeguarded; After harvesting, forests are  replanted  with ecologically appropriate, non-GMO trees at a sufficient level to ensure the long-term productivity, health and vitality of the forest is maintained;
  • The carbon contained in the forest ecosystem is maintained or increased over the medium to long term;
  • Forest workers are treated fairly with due regard to their health and safety; and
  • The rights of Indigenous peoples related to the forest are respected.

These expectations are more readily met in Canada than almost anywhere else in the world. Even here, it is not easy and we are not perfect. We have a responsibility to continue to work with our suppliers, regulators, governments, Indigenous people, local communities, third-party certifiers and stakeholders to reflect the latest science and evolving values.