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Sustainability Commitment

by Wood Pellet Association of Canada

WPAC: Our Commitment to a Better World

The Wood Pellet Association of Canada and its members are committed to supplying the world with responsible and renewable clean energy. We recognize that the fight against climate change requires immediate and urgent action. The advancement of new renewable energy alternatives to replace fossil fuel generated power is key in our fight against climate change. Wood pellets sourced from responsible producers in well-regulated countries like Canada are unquestionably sustainable[1] and a part of the solution.

We work with suppliers who share our commitment to sustainable forest management with goals to improve forest utilization by enhancing growth and ensuring the best use of the forest and forest products, all the while reducing environmental impacts. We understand the importance of these issues to our local and Indigenous communities and customers.

In sourcing responsible fibre and producing wood pellets, WPAC members set and communicate clear expectations that we:

  1. Respect Communities: recognizing the importance of long-term stability in our communities and forests;
  2. Respect the Rights of Indigenous People: welcoming and supporting meaningful participation of, and partnership with Indigenous people in the forest sector;
  3. Respect Employees: treating forest sector workers fairly with the highest priority placed on their health and safety; and striving to be among the most inclusive and successful trade associations by actively seeking out diversity across our industry;
  4. Respect the Value of Forests: ensuring trees go to their highest and best use through enhanced utilization by sourcing 100% of our fibre from the residuals of sawmilling and harvesting activities as well as wood that can’t be used for any other purpose and which needs to be removed to improve forest health and/or minimize the risk of forest fires;
  5. Commit to Forest Sustainability: verifying that forest biomass is harvested sustainably and legally in accordance with applicable local, national and international laws and regulations that are backed by strong compliance and rigorous enforcement practices;
  6. Commit to Accountability: sourcing fibre through recognized third-party certification systems where independently verified systems are in place to ensure the sustainability and legality of that fibre;
  7. Protect Ecosystems: safeguarding ecosystems and species at risk by implementing stringent processes to identify and proactively protect those areas;
  8. Commit to Forest Renewal: ensuring all harvested sites are regenerated with ecologically appropriate, non-GMO trees at a sufficient level to ensure that long-term productivity, health and vitality of the forest is either enhanced or maintained;
  9. Reduce Carbon Emissions: maintaining or increasing sequestration of carbon in working forests over the medium to long term; and
  10. Maintain Social Licence: evolving with the latest research, policies, and societal needs while operating economically stable businesses that contribute to the wellbeing of our communities, our country and the world at large.


Delivering on these expectations takes a collective effort and WPAC members believe there is no other jurisdiction on earth better positioned and more committed to achieving these goals than Canada.

WPAC’s sustainability statement

[1]  https://www.nrcan.gc.ca/our-natural-resources/forests-forestry/sustainable-forest-management/canadas-forest-laws/17497