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The Voice of Canada’s growing pellet sector
  • Video: Heating with Wood Pellets

    Heating with wood pellets is an effective way to help in the fight against climate change.

  • Video: Wood Pellet Association of Canada

    Existing coal plants can be cost-effectively repurposed to use wood pellet fuel to help the environment and reduce air pollution.

  • Pellets

    Made from renewable forest byproducts and unmerchantable material, wood pellets from Canada provide a renewable, sustainable fuel source for generations to enjoy. | Read More

  • Sustainable

    Only 9% of the world’s forest are certified. Over 42% of them are in Canada, making it an ideal source for sustainable wood pellets. | Read More

  • Renewable

    WPAC members rely on sawmill waste and forest harvest residuals for the bulk of their fibre supply, allowing 100% resource use. | Read More

  • Fossil Fuel Alternative

    Whether on their own or co-fired with coal, wood pellets provide a lower carbon footprint and renewable energy source. | Read More

  • Innovative

    WPAC continues to support R&D in key wood pellet areas like safety, efficiency, fuel stability, energy content and more. | Read More

The Wood Pellet Association of Canada AGM and Conference is slated for November 27 and 28 in beautiful old Quebec City. This year's gathering includes a tour, networking evening, conference, and supplier showcase. Housed in the stunning Chateau Laurier boutique hotel inside the walled city, the WPAC AGM and Conference preliminary agenda has been set.

November 27
We are trying to arrange a visit to the Cité Verte district heating system - an urban central heating system composed of four boilers using wood pellets for space and domestic water heating (see the Sept/Oct issue of Canadian Biomass for details). This wil be followed by a networking cocktail at the Chateau Laurier.

November 28

  • Executive director's report on 2012 accomplishments
  • Update on research activites
  • Eastern Canadian logistics study
  • Joint Canadian co-firing study with CCPC
  • Review of carbon balance project being conducted with European partners
  • Review of European Initiative Wood Pellet Buyers activities
  • Canadian coal power emissions regulation and implications for Canadian industrial market
  • Review of Canadian domestic market
  • Review of international markets
  • Evolving European sustainability requirements
  • Supplier showcase
  • IMO fire extinguishing update
  • Business plan for 2013
  • Election of officers

Supplier Showcase
We would like to give associate members an opportunity to give short (ten minute) presentations to promote their products and services to the producing members.  We will have room in the agenda for six suppliers.  If you are interested, please contact me.  Note - this opportunity is limited to members only.



Hôtel Château Laurier Québec
1220 Place George-V ouest
Québec City (QC) G1R 5B8
Tel.: (418) 522-3848 #649
Fax: 418 648-9929
We have arranged a special room rate of $134.  The confirmation number 10368 must be provided.
Registration and Cost
All those wishing to attend (including WPAC members) must register. The registration cost is$50.00 plus tax. To register please click here.

Industry Links

Industry Links



Become a Member

Become a Member


WPAC Safety Committee

To find more information about the WPAC Safety Committee and safety resources, please click here

Power Generation


Sustainable power

The vast majority of Canadian wood pellets are made from sawmill residuals - sawdust. The rest are made from the residuals from harvesting operations for sawmills and pulp mills, or low-grade timber from forest industry harvest sites that has no other economic value. Think firewood. Read more...

Breathing easier - pellet emissions vs coal

Sustainability should be top of mind for any company that wants to stay in the game in today’s world.

As important a role as Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions play, we also need to focus on noxious emissions versus coal.


Industry News


  • Mark your calendars! New pellet safety webinar series coming soon

    Safety is the foundation of our pellet industry. Our work around safety never ends; we are constantly striving for new ways to improve safety whether it be the equipment we use or the processes that support good, safe decision making.[…]

  • The role RNG is playing in transitioning Canada toward a carbon-negative future

    The cost to produce renewable natural gas (RNG) is higher than that of conventional natural gas, but a number of factors are helping to reduce the gap. Incentives, regulatory action and innovations introduced by utilities have contributed toward shrinking the[…]


The Pellet Advantage

Efficient and Plentiful Production

Wood Pellet Association of Canada members are world leaders in the design and operation of modern pellet plants.


Innovating our way to a safer, better product

Wood pellets are a safe, reliable modern fuel. But they are still a fuel, requiring care in producing, shipping and storing.


Renewable and sustainable? Energy really can grow on trees.

There is no single energy source capable of solving our dependence on fossil fuels. Instead we need to look to a mix of new fuels, including wood pellets.


Argus Wood Pellet Index

US$ per metric tonneArgus Wood Pellet Index

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